Thursday, November 30, 2006

You Were Mentioned On Sirius

Didn't I spend a whole week of posts blabbing about how I'm better than the neighborhood we grew up in?

I got a funny e-mail from my La Salle friend "Beautiful" Bobby G (the guy who chased around the no-necked midget while naked and shaking his penis.) This is what it read:

"Hey dork, is your brother's name chris? some douche bag on left of center (sirius) was just talking about those fags the smiths and the ucp and said your gay brother loves the smiths. how weird and totally homo erotic. sorry to bother you but this is all i got right now in terms of social interaction. i'm pathetic and sexy."

So, congratulations. You are now known throughout the world as the most prominent Smiths fan who hasn't slit his wrists yet.

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