Saturday, November 18, 2006

Gregg and College

Gregg's college experience, based on his stories, seems to be a whirlwind of masturbating in campus building public bathrooms and hanging out with drunks and drug abusers who would often steal his car, get in fights, and parade around nude. Also, he refuses to leave his college, he's going for a second master's degree, which I guess is commendable, but that I don't understand. I visited him a few times at college, one time a homeless man attacked me with a hedge clipper in a store. Gregg acts like LaSalle is the focal point of the world's existence, where all good stories and people sprang forth from. It's not. It's ok I guess, for being perched in the middle of a horrible shithole neighborhood and fueling as much mayhem based life as it does.

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